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Shadia Nangobi is an eight year old girl. Shadia was orphaned, losing both her mother and father. Luckily, her aunt and grandmother took her in. (Many African children end up on the streets after the losing their parents.)  Shadia lives with her aunt and grandmother in the slums of their small African town.

Shadia has chores to do,.. like a TON of chores to do, at least compared to the typical American eight year old. She cooks, fetches water and cleans house including doing laundry by hand. Can you imagine doing all that at eight?  I remember throwing a fit when it was my turn for dishes.

When Shadia was asked what she wants to be when she grows up, she replied “I want to get money to help my auntie and also to help out other children without parents”


Think about that for a second… A young girl with very little in this world, even by third world standards wants to grow up to help others.  Kind of makes you think, doesn’t it!?
I don’t know about you but when I was eight, I wanted to be a Rockstar and it was purely for selfish reasons!

Stories like this not only touch my heart ♥ but they also open up my eyes to the world. Why get so stressed out about things that really are silly in comparison.  Taking a humble lesson from Shadia, this is what I learned…

  1.  Accept what is and don’t waste time stressing about what I don’t have or what’s not happening fast enough,.. Assistance will come in the form of miracles!  
  2. Be grateful for all the blessings I have been given.  I truly do have SO MUCH to be grateful for! (food, clean water, shelter, opportunities, family & friends, etc….)
  3. Look outside and see what I can do for others.  I realize I CAN make an difference in this world, just as Shadia has made a difference in my life with her touching ambitions in life.

Shadia is currently un-sponsored and would truly appreciate any assistance with her tuition and current situation.  Her birthday is this month (May).  Perhaps you are feeling led to provide her with a special birthday present this year?  To see her and other children that could use a little miracle in their life visit:

(There is only one sponsor per a child, so if Shadia gets picked up quickly, please take a look at other children available for your support)

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