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The Virtua Foundation is a 501(c)3 public charitable foundation with goals to share the love and message of Christ and provide aid to orphanages in developing countries.  It currently distributes funds towards targeted non-profit organizations in the community.  It initiated and completed (in conjunction with the US Embassy) the 13 KM clean water piping project with a large intake, 100,000 liter SIM tank, and 3 municipal branches with over 13 water taps, and with the assistance of other NGOs, a sustainable orphanage at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania and a small preschool in Uganda.  As part of its mission, The Virtua Foundation has short and long-term mission goals:

Short Term Mission Completed: The Virtua Foundation permitted, fund raised, and initiated the building of an 80 – 100 bed orphanage to provide a home, education and security to orphans and street children, to give them love and hope for the future; to give them the tools they need to fulfill their potential and provide sustainable food in Tanzania and Uganda, Africa and give opportunity for the orphans to grow and prosper with land for livestock/animals, farming, and renewable energy sources to perpetuate future sustainability.


Our mission is to share the love and message of Christ and truly reach the hearts of indigenous people groups by creating sustainable processes and focusing on six (6) key areas of economic, legal and social impact:

1) Education

2) Environment

3) Family

4) Health

5) People At-Risk

6) Relief Efforts

7) Social Finance

It is our intent to affect these areas of social justice through:

1) Direct Community Impact:  It is our intent to not just provide for the immediate physical needs of a people group by providing a building or conducting an outreach project, but to share the love of Christ by empowering the people and community to take ownership in the project and mission.  Through collaborative involvement, local shareholders and community persons will directly contribute to the project’s development, providing for greater investment of their time and talents.  The Virtua Foundation, through direct involvement in the development itself or partnering with local organizations (local to the region of impact) will accomplish our stated purpose by leveraging our highly experienced working board of trustees, internships, volunteers, directors and world-wide network of contacts and resources. 

2) Direct Organization (NGOs, INGOs, Non-profits, Foundations) Impact: It is our intent to bless and support those we feel God has called us to bless, such as other pre-vetted humanitarian and faith based organizations by coupling wisdom and best practices, from our experiences and those of other organizations as well, through one or all of the following options:

1) Prayer.  We firmly believe in the power of prayer and feel that truly changed hearts are the only way to create the ultimate goal of sustainable peace.

2) Market Resources.  We encourage process development and feel that many best practices and processes have already been developed.  It is our goal to leverage and collaborate these market resources, improve on them if necessary, and make them available through our foundation.

3) Resources / Contacts / Networks.  We firmly believe that the body of Christ constitutes people, and that different individuals and organizations have unique competencies.  We have a vast and developing network of resources and contacts and desire to empower individuals by encouraging their bi-vocational development in both their professional area of expertise and their heart for service for the less fortunate.

4) Financial Contribution.  We firmly believe in empowering contributions and couple our financial support with assessment of the organization’s current operations and subsequent implementation strategies.

It is our prayer that direct organization impact will empower other organizations to become a) more efficient, b) more impactful, c) more sustainable, and d) more fiscally responsible.