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In a technologically advanced world where we have begun to rely on equipment and machines to sustain and work for us we tend to forget the old standby that truly is the staple and foundation of how we function and exist as humans, earth.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the world population is expanding at a mind-boggling rate. The world reached 1 billion people in 1800; 2 billion by 1922 and over 6 billion by 2000. By 2050, it is projected to be over 9 billion. Which means by 2050 the people, if evenly distributed, will only have 25% of the resources per capita that people had in 1950.

Healthy forests and other natural ecosystems, including wetlands, peat lands, mangroves and sea grass beds, serve an essential role in combating climate change. When deforestation occurs with locals creating farmland, businesses tearing down trees for the raw materials and housing for the growing population, this can increase the risk of catastrophic impacts like floods and droughts.

However, when a forest is healthy it contributes to food security for nations, allows for species to migrate, ecological adaptation, and supporting the livelihood of indigenous and local communities.

Over the last few years we have seen a wave of campaigns rush the world with becoming more eco-friendly. According to many scientists, including those that represent Conservation International who is committed to restoring and maintaining the world’s natural systems, stated in their recent article on www.conservation.org, “Scientific evidence suggests that the current trajectory of climate change patterns surpasses even worst-case scenarios, and could lead to catastrophic and devastating consequences for all life on Earth.”
Deforestation has already proved devastating among a community that Eden Projects recently supported in Ethiopia.

“When a part of a forest is burned or taken down to create more farmland or other purposes, they release their stored carbon prematurely, and in quantities bigger than all the world’s cars, trucks and airplanes combined. The result is changing rainfall patterns, rising ocean levels and increased drought.” – Conservation International

With deforestation comes another simple yet devastating worldly factor: Clean water for communities around the world. It is found that 80% of the world’s sickness is attributed to unsafe drinking water.

Throwing away items that could be recycled diminishes energy, water and natural resources that could be saved by recycling.

The Virtua Foundation desires to help empower and support organizations that want to conquer deforestation, recycle and provide clean water for communities around the world. With this support we can begin to see the world change, grow and sustain.

As with any of our partners, the Virtua Foundation requires high levels of accountability and prudent fiscal management with any organization that we work with. If you are interested in dedicating funds to any of the causes that we support or are interested in registering your health non-profit with us, register here or donate now.