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The orphanage we are working with in Tanzania is the Tuleeni Orphanage. It is located in the village of Rau, which is just outside of Moshi in the Kilimanjaro District of Tanzania.

  • Opened in April of 2006, ‘Tuleeni’ now cares for 80 orphans and street children.
    • The centre is run by Mama Faraji and feels far more like one big happy family than an institution.
    • Tuleeni means ‘care for us’ in Swahili and that is exactly what Mama Faraji does.
    • Tuleeni Mission: To provide a home, education and security to orphans and street children, to give them love and hope for the future; to give them the tools they need to fulfill their potentials.

The orphanage we are working with in Uganda is the Amani Baby Cottage (ABC), located in Jinja, Uganda near the shores of Lake Victoria.

  • ABC was established in 2003 to provide care for orphaned and abandoned children.
  • Can house up to 60 children ages birth to 5 years. Children are referred through the local authorities and the social welfare system. Many are orphaned when their parents die due to AIDS, birth complications or other factors.
  • ABC Mission: each one of the children will find a place with a loving Christian family

Sub-Sahara Africa & South-East Asia
We also currently support other organizations focused on Sub-Sahara Africa and South-East Asia.