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There seems to be a continued epidemic around education in third world countries:

“Of course I would love to go to school. But how can I? If I don’t help my family with morning preparation of selling our cow’s milk at the market we won’t have money to buy food to eat for the day.”
“I can’t afford the school supplies needed to attend school.”
“School is too far away, and my parents are worried for my safety.”
“I have to watch my siblings while my parents are working in the fields or away at work.”

Many countries have some sort of free education but along with that education, comes the cost of basic school supplies. If students do not bring these supplies they are either punished by their teachers or sent home. So with the handful of reasons in, helping their families survive with food for the day and not having enough money for basic school supplies or school is too far away, we continue to see 100 million+ uneducated children in our world.

The Virtua Foundation aims to support organizations and missions in rural countries such as, Ethiopia, Madagascar and Kenya. These are just a few of the many nations needing help to better educate children. They are the future of their country, and without education, no forward movement in ending poverty can seem reachable.

Organizations that the foundation partner with truly seek to empower their children through providing direct assistance towards educational tuition costs. Our organizations choose those children that have a hunger to learn. In most cases, our children have demonstrated that through past and current performance in an academic setting. There are also, of course, those instances that children are sponsored into school that come from a rural background and have not had the privilege of going to school. The stories of these children are often our true motivation.

As with any of our partners, the Virtua Foundation requires high levels of accountability and prudent fiscal management with any organization that we work with. If you are interested in dedicating funds to any of the causes that we support or are interested in registering your educational non-profit with us, register here or donate now.