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One of our founders, Duy Beck, recently hospitalized in the ICU due to a tremendous vehicle accident involving a chain nearly severing his necks. He has a fractured neck/trachea/vocal chords, with 17 stitches across the main portion of his neck and several neck, chest, arm, and back abrasions. He has been truly protected by God to even be with us today, but prayers and financial assistance are needed.   

His current ambulatory and ICU bills are exceeding $44,000 at this time. This doesn’t include unforeseen future complications, long term speech and physical therapy, scar removal, and the loss of income.  Duy’s voice is currently damaged, greatly affecting his career as a professional actor, choreographer, and stunt coordinator.  We are praying that the damage to his vocal chords are not permanent.  He recently had to turn down multiple confirmed film productions because of the accident. 

The Accident:
Duy was test driving a dirt bike and saw a remote road (away from the traffic) that had an UNMARKED chain with NO SIGNAGE that came across the road.  As  a trained professional, he laid the motorcycle down to reduce the impact on the upcoming obstacle, but the chain still caught his head, nearly severing his neck and leaving him with a severe concussion and loss of memory. The bike continued to tumble forward as the chain whipped him and the dirt bike, landing several feet beyond the chain.

Duy’s Story:
He was abandoned on the street when he was 3 and remained a child of the FOSTER CARE system until he was 9 years old. He has given back to his community, both domestically with years of volunteering with orphans, foster children, homeless and indigent communities; and internationally.  Their Foundation was awarded the US Embassy awarded HIV reduction grant at the municipal level impacting thousands of villagers.

He has been a philanthropist for many, many years and was recently awarded the 2023 Presidential Service Award

He appreciates prayer above all.  If you have the financial means, this is an opportunity to help preserve his life so he can continue to impact his community and the world once again for good after he recovers.  These funds will help any unforeseen medical costs that aren’t being covered (dental, ortho, neuro therapy, etc) and sustain his basic living (due to not being able to do personal stunts) during his recovery.  If there are any additional proceeds, they will be dedicated towards the charities that the Foundation supports.

Despite over 170 productions and years of martial arts and impact sports that he’s been involved in, he has never been hospitalized or in the ICU. He does not drink alcohol, does not use tobacco, and is on no medications (except related to the current trauma). 

For those of you that don’t know Duy, he is a safe, highly active, spiritually, emotionally & physically healthy individual that is dedicated to helping make this world a better place and has a perfect driving record for over a decade.

Our team will also be updating Duy’s social media accounts if you feel led for continual prayer:

Instagram: @duybeck1  

Facebook: @duybeck  

Youtube:  @virtuafoundation2790