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  • From our inception and from the prayer and vision of our leadership, we felt the Virtua Foundation is supposed to be a spear in the hand of the Lord to help administer his mercy and justice on the earth.
  • As our flagship project of the 17 Kilometer water piping project supplying clean water to multiple sub-villages and the initial construction of the Tuleeni Multi-Story orphanage and community center was completed in 2017/18, we have been elated at the long term results on the thousands of villagers and children’s lives at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro.  
  • Concurrent to the completion of our project at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro’s, we also began assisting in the development of the first stand alone children’s hospital in East Africa (Dar es Salaam, TZ), sustained an educational program for several children in 5 remote Ugandan villages, helping feed nearly 2,000 villagers on super saturdays, and are now lightly participating in impact work in the 10-40 Window, Philippines and Vietnam as we prayerfully move into these regions for impact work.

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