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Water Supply Project


For the last year and a half, we have been struggling to get water to our current orphanage development. We initially began to pursue separate bids for constructing a deep bore hole (almost 500 feet deep). We received 3 bids, but then after further research, the board of directors at the orphanage proposed that we actually pipe water from an upper spring, 3 KM away, to the new orphanage. The new proposal includes an intake at the source of the river and then piping water approximately 1.7 KM to a large underground SIM tank (30,000 – 50,000 liters) that we will build. The new underground tank will then provide water for our project and 2 sub-villages. From the tank, there will be 3 outlets: one outlet to the new Tuleeni, and the other two will pipe water to 2 sub-villages. We are currently in the process of having the water tested to see if we need to chlorinate the new tank or provide water filtration beyond the pureness/cleanness of the water provided by the spring. We are working closely with the local district water engineer and municipal water supply.


Hydro-Electric? We are also researching the potential for the project to generate electricity for our development and the village. Due to limited resources, it is our initial thought to design/build our current system with the capability of retro-fitting 2 water turbines (one at the large tank and another at the orphanage).


We were blessed to have a small engineering team from UNLV (Univ. of N. Las Vegas) adopt our water project this 2013 spring semester. Out of 36 teams, they actually took first place and received quite a bit of local press as well! The team consisted of 4 students and an academic advisor. Annie Bouck, one of the team members, joined our small mission team this summer to Tanzania. The presence of an engineer in-country on our team was absolutely vital. Her experience was able to help save us a tremendous amount of costs that were initially proposed by the in-country technician. We truly appreciate her expertise and look forward to her possibly helping lead a mission team next summer to establish a house of prayer for our community.

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