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A Charity Event You Want to Know About

The Virtua Foundation is local charity working to provide aid to orphanages, the underprivileged, non-profits and non-governmental agencies, both locally and abroad while sharing love and spreading the message of Christ.
Virtua impacts the legal and social environments by helping in 7 areas: Education, Environment, Family, Health, People, Regional Crisis, and Social Finance.

The foundation is currently working on a project they call Hugs for T.UG.S. This initiative focuses on empowering orphanage communities in Tanzania and Uganda, Africa.  Right now, Virtua is collecting funds to o build a 3 kilometer water routing project, providing water for 2 sub-villages of approximately 2,800 people and build an 80 – 100 bed orphanage to provide a home, education and security to orphans and street children.

Virtua was started after several short term mission trips by the founders.

“Humbly, we feel the Foundation is a spear in the hand of the Lord used to 1) share love from the author or love & 2) help relieve efforts & give a greater sense of hope for a brighter future to children & communities in need,” said the founders.

(reposted from ABC 4 Utah)