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If you educate a child, you educate a nation. By then, our future can be made brighter.


In a technologically advanced world where we have begun to rely on equipment and machines to sustain and work for us we tend to forget the old standby that truly is the staple and foundation of how we function...

Social Finance

It is our hope and mission of the Virtua Foundation to create and empower global social responsibility through impact investments in emerging economies, community developments and micro financing.

Relief Efforts

Our goal is to deploy a team with various disciplines from our talent base and skill sets to respond to the aftermath of war, genocide and natural disasters. As we grow, we inspire to send our team of talented...

People At Risk

The heart of our foundation is to take care of people from all different stages in life. From orphans, foster care, homeless, to human trafficking, prisoners, oppressed women and refugees are just some of the people in this world...