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Fred Munazangalo

From: $25.00 / month

The levels of Sponsorship are:

  • Personal Level: Provides basic needs, school tuition, uniform, and supplies. ($25/month)
  • Supporting Level: Provides everything for the Personal Level as well as additional medical, material, and personal assistance for your child. ($35/month)
  • Sustaining Level: Provides everything for the Personal and Supporting Levels as well as helps with orphanage development, including maintenance, construction, farming animals, and crops. ($52/month,)
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Product Description

Age  & Gender:

10 year old boy

Family Situation:

Fred is a total orphan, both the father and mother died. Nakato Sylvia is the sister to her late mother. Nakato also stays with her mother who is a grandmother of Shadiya. They stay in the slum and carry out garden work to earn a living.

Family Duties:

Helping in washing clothes

How he wants to give back:

“Because my auntie has helped me, I will also help other children who are orphans and those at church so that we can have a good future.”



Additional Information

Sponsorship Levels

personal sponsorship, supporting sponsorship, sustaining sponsorship